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Creating a Better World Together

This year, the 82nd annual conference of the Academy of Management took place under this heading.

The LEMEX was actively involved and contributed four presentations:

1. Ecosystem Orchestration: Integrating Foreign Entrepreneurs’ Resources into Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (Aki Harima, Jan Harima & Freiling)
2. Expanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Boundaries with Digital Architecture: A Resource Perspective (Leon Marquardt & Aki Harima)
3. Creating Bonding and Bridging Social Capital in Nascent Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (Aki Harima)
4. Necessary Support or Unexpected Inhibitor: Government-led Initiatives in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (Jan Harima & Daniel Sunghwan Cho)

We thank the organizers for the opportunity to present our research and thank the audience for the insightful discussions and constructive feedback. These were highly interesting and inspiring days!

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