Volume 1

The first volume presents four articles which analyzed different aspects of diaspora entrepreneurship. Due to the recent technological advancement which enable various forms of migration, the number of migrants has been drastically increasing and the society has become more transnational. Entrepreneurial activities of migrants and diasporans, those who are embedded in multipe societies, have attracted much attention from researchers and policy makers, since they often address unique entrepreneurial opportunities by utilizing diaspora resources and networks.

The whole paper and the individual articles can be downloaded below. We hope you enjoy reading.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, Aki Harima, Quynh Duong Phuong, Cat My Dang Truong
Exploring Diaspora Entrepreneurship (download full paper)
Eyüp Akkurt
Returnee Entrepreneurs – Characteristics and Success Factors

Dennis Beicher
The Impact of the Digital World on the Establishment of Rich-to-poor Diaspora Entrepreneurship

Payam Ahmadi, Witali Efa, Torsten Schumacher, Sitki Sengel, Philip Werner
The Impact of Resources Embedded in Diaspora Networks on a Venture’s Success

Kim Kaufmann
The Impact of Diaspora Networks on the Motivation to Found a Diaspora Start-up

The first article "Returnee Entrepreneurs - Characteristics and Success Factors" was developed as a bachelor thesis by Eyüp Akkurt, who has analyzed uniqueness of Turkish returnee entrepreneurs. The second article is a bachelor thesis written by Dennis Beicher and focuses on the digital networks used by diaspora entrepreneurs who originate from developed countries and migrate to emerging and developing countries. The third article is developed as a group project within the seminar on diaspora entrepreneurship (Jörg Freiling / Aki Harima). Payam Ahamadi, Witali Efa, Torsten Schumacher, Sitki Sengel and Philip Werner observed social capital of different types of diaspora entrepreneurship. The fourth article is also based on a bachelor thesis written by Kim Kaufmann who researched diaspora networks and motivations of German entrepreneurs in South Africa.

This volume highlights the heterogeneity of diaspora entrepreneurship and presents unique empirical cases which can inspire the global research community.