Volume 2

The second volume presents three articles, which analyzed different aspects of Transnational entrepreneurship. Due to the recent technological advancement, which enable various forms of migration, the number of migrants has been drastically increasing and the society has become more transnational. Nevertheless, when people move from one country to another, becoming a transnational entrepreneur is a very delicate decision to be made. Transnationals need a certain understanding of the new business environment to have an understanding what they do when founding a company.

The whole paper and the individual articles can be downloaded below. We hope you enjoy reading.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, Aki Harima, Quynh Duong Phuong, Cat My Dang 
Recent Issues on Transnational Entrepreneurship (download full paper)

Mane Narimanyan & Tatevik Narimanyan
Motivations for Diasporans to Become Entrepreneurs

Nicoletta Capriuolo, Alessandro Cuman, Ambra Evandri, Federico Gianni, Arianna Saturni
Entrepreneurship in Ethnic Enclaves

Lisa Ahuis, Myra Louise Grewe, Franziska Otten, Helena Rolf
Previous Research on Returnee Entrepreneurship

The research articles were written by students as part oft he seminar „Entrepreneurship and SME Management III – Current Issues in Entrepreneurship Research“ at the University of Bremen. Mane Narimanyan and Tatevik Narimanyan wrote the first article “Motivations for Diasporans to Become Entrepreneurs”. They address the motivational foundations of becoming a diaspora entrepreneur. The seconds article „Entrepreneurship in Ethnic Enclaves“, written by Nicoletta Capriuolo, Alessandro Cuman, Ambra Evandri, Federico Gianni and Arianna Saturni research on entrepreneurship in ethnic enclaves. Lisa Ahuis, Myra Louise Grewe, Franziska Otten and Helena Rolf both summarize and analyze the state of the art in returnee entrepreneurship. We hope that the papers provoke a vital discussion that enables advancing our knowledge on transnational entrepreneurship.