Volume 4

The fourth volume presents five articles exploring the entrepreneurship phenomena from theoretical/conceptual aspects. This issue covers rich entrepreneurship-related topics.

The first article discusses the absorptive capacity in the context of accelerators, which emphasizes how accelerators absorb knowledge to gain a competitive advantage. The second article deals with understanding the culture in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The third article takes a closer look at entrepreneurship in poverty through the lens of bricolage. The fourth article explores the resources of transnational entrepreneurs in achieving competitive advantages. The final fifth article sheds light on student entrepreneurship using the concept of the theory of planned behavior.

The whole paper and the individual articles can be downloaded below. We hope you enjoy reading.

Dr. Aki Harima, Tenzin Yeshi
Exploring Entrepreneurship Phenomena from Theoretical/Conceptual Aspects (download full paper)

Jannis Eckermann, Tim Franke, Aileen Kelch, Lisa Lauts, Hanna Möring, Anorth Ramalingam
Absorptive Capacity in the Context of Accelerators - Gaining Competitive Advantages through Knowledge Absorption

Samuel Kofi Azumah, Henriette Breuer, Silvin Bumiller, Vibeka Göttsch, Paulina Krüger, Chiara Pleus
Towards Understanding Culture in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Svenja Baier, Dana Fuhs, Jessica Gießelmann, Jacqueline Krah, Agnieszka Kroczak, Franziska Knemeyer
Entrepreneurs in Poverty through the Lens of Bricolage

Isabell Gutsche, Carolin Jürgens, Antonia Kauert, Emma Poppe, Julian Raschen
Resources of Transnational Entrepreneurs: Achieving Competitive Advantages

Leon Marquardt, Frederik Metzner, Lena Meyer, Alina Otto, Yannic Reiter, Karin Xing
Student Entrepreneurship: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior