ReMedi Health

ReMedi Health is developing a system for taking medicines safely.
According to the Federal Association of German Pharmacists, nearly 50 percent of all medications dispensed are not taken correctly. This alarming number is due to the conventional way of taking medications. A large proportion of the population relies on the classic medicine box for this highly health-relevant activity. However, this leaves a lot of room for human error, with potentially fatal consequences.
If people can no longer take care of their medication supply independently, they also lose a large part of their freedom as a result. The founding project ReMedi Health developed out of the desire to help these people. It pursues the vision of providing a new and safe system for tablet supply. This system is made up of two components.

One of these is the ReMedi tablet dispenser. It alerts users to an upcoming dose and dispenses all the tablets to be taken in the correct dosage at the appropriate time. The large capacity and simple filling of the vending machine also reduce the risk of errors and the time required compared to conventional tablet boxes.
The second component is the associated app. It is designed for relatives and caregivers of people in need of medication and makes it possible to view the current intake status at any time and from anywhere. Relatives can thus be sure that their loved ones are doing well. In the event of incorrect intake or omission, there is immediate notification and a quick response can be made.

The original concept for the start-up project was inspired by experience and knowledge gained by team members from a course at the LEMEX Chair at the University of Bremen.
Thanks to successes in development, awards and a lot of support from the Bremen startup network, the team of ReMedi Health is motivated to realize their vision of a safe medication intake.