Förderfrage clears the jungle of the German funding landscape and helps entrepreneurs to obtain the appropriate funding for their project plans by means of expert matching. Under the umbrella of the newly founded innovey GmbH, Förderfrage places experts with whose help and expertise the full potential of the entrepreneur's projects can be extracted.

The German funding market offers funding programs for all sectors and industries, but bureaucratic hurdles mean that they are rarely used and even more rarely fully exploited. The search for and application for grants, loans, consulting services and other subsidies is not only lengthy and difficult, but also frustrating. Many entrepreneurs cannot afford to spend a lot of capacity on the search for funding. Förderfrage offers especially to project interested small and medium sized entrepreneurs (SMEs), as well as young entrepreneurs in the pre-start-up phase, a convenient and simple method to get their project or business start-up funded. Entrepreneurs save thereby valuable capacities.

With the Förderfrage funding calculator, entrepreneurs superficially identify the first possible funding programs. In the second step, the decision can be made to refer to an expert who is already familiar with the entrepreneur's project. Here an expert Matching between the project and the advisor network of promotion question is used around the suitable advisor to find.

The use of the Förderrechner and the expert Matching of promotion question helps entrepreneurs their projects to accomplish and is at any time free of charge for the entrepreneur.

With a far-reaching advisor network it is possible to support promotion question both young founders and small and medium-size enterprises with the conversion of their projects. Promotion question helps thereby federal-political goals, as for instance the electric mobility or energy efficiency in Germany, which are to be favored with subsidies or other promotions, to convert.

The Förderfrage team formed in the context of e-lectures at the time of the Covid 19 pandemic, after the Entrepreneurship and Management I course was completed. Even beyond the course, Professor Jörg Freiling and the entire LEMEX team motivated the founders of Förderfrage to stick with the idea.

The founders of Förderfrage encompass competencies of computer science, marketing, management, taxation and unite in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Those who want to learn more can discover Förderfrage's Website or LinkedIn-Profil