Corporate Entrepreneurship

Established companies usually go the way of consolidating their formerly new business in the direction of a core business and concentrating their activities on it. As a result, there is a risk of losing the exploratory tension that leads to the generation of new business and which plays a decisive role in determining future viability in turbulent times.

Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE) and Corporate Venturing (CV) describe approaches used by established companies, but also by more mature start-ups. They use methods and concepts from the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation management to innovate existing business models and new business fields, in particular by developing new services. Examples include research cooperations, innovation laboratories, open innovation formats and corporate venture capital.

At LEMEX, the following aspects in particular are being researched in the field of corporate entrepreneurship:

  • How should innovation laboratories be designed to open up exploration areas and enable innovations in established companies?
  • How can new services receive and evaluate user feedback at an early stage?
  • How can companies cooperate with scientific institutions?
  • What tasks and roles do established companies play in Startup Ecosystems?

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