Volume 3

The third volume presents three articles, which analyzed different aspects of Accelerators in Startup Ecosystems. Accelerators are institutions that provide start-ups with the opportunity to accelerate their development process considerably through intensive training over a short period of time.

The first article discusses the question to what extent accelerators influence the institutional framework in ecosystems as change agents. This is followed by the second article which deals with the aspect of social capital in combination with accelerators. Finally, the third article focuses on the role of private business accelerators in Bremen.

The whole paper and the individual articles can be downloaded below. We hope you enjoy reading.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, Cat My Dang Truong, Annette Loch, Jannes Nazarek
The Role of Accelerators in Startup Ecosystems (download full paper)

Lisa Ahuis, Irfan Cheema, Franziska Otten, Chantal-Laureen Pensky, Vanessa Vogt
Accelerators as a Driver of Startup-Ecosystem

Caspar Michael Majewski
Social Capital Acceleration in Startup Ecosystems – The Role of Business Accelerators

Jannik Blischke
The Role of the Kraftwerk City Accelerator in the Startup Ecosystem in Bremen