Startups of our students

The Hall of Fame for our students' startups

Tapdesk: Coworking in Bars and Restaurants

Bremen-based start-up Tapdesk wants to revolutionize the coworking experience.

Instead of conventional offices or traditional coworking spaces, Tapdesk is focusing on an innovative concept: using bars and restaurants as workspaces outside of their regular opening hours.

ReMedi Health

ReMedi Health is developing a system for taking medicines safely.
According to the Federal Association of German Pharmacists, nearly 50 percent of all medications dispensed are not taken correctly. This alarming number is due to the conventional way of taking medications. A large proportion of the population relies on the classic medicine box for this highly health-relevant activity. However, this leaves plenty of room for human error, with potentially fatal consequences


Förderfrage clears the jungle of the German funding landscape and helps entrepreneurs to obtain the appropriate funding for their project plans by means of expert matching. Under the umbrella of the newly founded innovey GmbH, Förderfrage places experts with whose help and expertise the full potential can be extracted from the entrepreneurs' projects.


With the help of a marketplace, Supazone connects retailers of sustainable packaging with small and medium-sized enterprises that have packaging needs. Supazone thus focuses on the B2B2B market. We help retailers expand their reach and attract new customers, while small and medium-sized enterprises can compare sustainable packaging transparently and quickly, saving important time and money.


Skinuvita is developing a digital home therapy system for people with chronic skin diseases that enables safe and efficient phototherapy in the comfort of their own homes. Phototherapy is an established first-line treatment for chronic autoimmune skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or vitiligo. - Smart interpretations offers cultural institutions smart interpretations for the realisation of their digital strategies so that they can actively shape culture4.0. With the software, not only can large amounts of data of various formats be integrated into one database, but it can also be comprehensively analysed, interpreted and published in mediating technologies such as kiosks, multimedia guides and chatbots. 


Cup2date is the reusable cup deposit system for Bremen and the surrounding area. Since January 2019, there has been a sustainable alternative to the conventional disposable to-go cup in all participating cafés and bakeries, with which you can enjoy your coffee or tea on the go with a clear conscience.

HUDDY - Create it. Wear it. Love it.

HUDDY - the first jumper brand that adapts to your wishes and measurements! You choose your favourite design - you decide whether you want a collar, hood or pockets. You selectthe fabric you like best. Every HUDDY is lovingly handmade in Bremen.


Admospheric is an online marketing agency from Bremen that specialises in performance marketing in particular. In addition to online marketing campaigns via Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Bing Ads, the optimisation of homepages (SEO) or campaigns in social media (Social Media Advertising), they also support with a modern and contemporary Webdesign.