Tapdesk: coworking in bars and restaurants

Bremen-based start-up Tapdesk wants to revolutionize the coworking experience.

Instead of conventional offices or traditional coworking spaces, Tapdesk is focusing on an innovative concept: using bars and restaurants as workspaces outside their regular opening hours.

This idea creates a win-win situation: restaurateurs can monetize unused space, while coworkers get a cost-effective place to work that combines productivity and social interaction. Whether in a cozy pub, a stylish restaurant or a trendy cocktail bar - Tapdesk enables freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, artists ... to work flexibly without being tied to a fixed location. The spaces offer a unique blend of productivity and relaxation that breaks up the working day and provides an alternative to working from home.

With a focus on community, creativity and flexibility, Tapdesk is an exciting alternative for those looking for new ways to work. Combining the world of coworking with the vibrant life of bars and restaurants is unusual but fascinating and, above all, offers new ways of relaxed collaboration.

The two founders, Patrick Runge (Business Administration) and Björn Gieß (Communication Sciences), studied at the University of Bremen and met at the Startup Startcamp Bremen 2023.

Tapdesk started here in Bremen in March 2024 - the two founders are already working on rolling out Tapdesk in other German cities.

An overview of the available Tapdesk locations can be found at: www.tapdesk.de


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