Volume 5

The fifth volume contains four articles that address current issues in the field of entrepreneurship research. This issue focuses on important aspects of entrepreneurship, such as sustainability, education, poverty, and refugee.

The first two articles are systematic literature reviews, whereas the third and fourth articles are qualitative research studies. The first article discusses and identifies the individual drivers of sustainable entrepreneurship. The second article discusses the entreprenuership education at school. The third article examines entrepreneurship in poverty through the lens of bricolage. The fourth and final article addresses the resilience in refugee entrepreneurship. 

The whole paper and the individual articles can be downloaded below. Enjoy reading.

Dr. Thomas Baron, Tenzin Yeshi
Current Issue in Entrepreneurship Research 2021 (download full paper)


Burcu Bakni, Burcu Sahin, Elif Köm, Jennifer Le, Kamal Yousef, Yannic Kosak
Internal and External Drivers of Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Agnieszka Kroczak, Dana Fuhs, Felix Paul, Jessica Gießelmann, Lina Schlichting
Entrepreneurship Education at School - A Literature Review

Luca Frommer, Jannes Marc Nazarek, Felix Paul, Lina Schlichting
Entrepreneurs in Poverty: Coping with Resource Constraints through Bricolage

Anastasia Konek, Fidan Meta, Malcolm Nyantakyi, Petra Pantelic, Jannik Stein
Refugee Entrepreneurship and Resilience