Create it. Wear it. Love it.

HUDDY - the first jumper brand that adapts to your wishes and measurements! You choose your favourite design - you decide whether you want a collar, hood or pockets. You selectthe fabric you like best. Every HUDDY is lovingly handmade in Bremen.

But why jumpers, you may ask? Because one thing is very important in the north: cosy comfort. And we like to combine that with style. The idea for HUDDY came about at the most wonderful time of the year in 2016: Viktoria wanted to give her brother a jumper for Christmas. But the search quickly led to disillusionment: not only did she not really like any of the designs - the fit also left a lot to be desired, especially the sleeves were always far too short. So we had to come up with our own design and the first HUDDY was sewn. Back on campus after the Christmas holidays, it became clear that many people have this problem! If you are slim and tall, you have the choice between a bag or a belly - if you are short, the sleeves pile up at the wrist. The solution: it has to go according to your own measurements. And since tastes are different, it's best to go with your own style. So since then, we've been following Pippi Langstrumpf 's example and make the world as we like it: we put together our own jumpers using the modular principle.

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