LEMEX Research Papers on Entrepreneurship

LEMEX Research Papers on Entrepreneurship is a series of working papers on entrepreneurship research which enables early-stage researchers to share their novel research findings.

LEMEX - the Chair in Small Business & Entrepreneurship believes in the creative potentials of bachelor and master students and encourage them to develop and conduct their own research initiative on the topic of entrepreneurship. In their research initiative, young academics address social problems and tackle research gaps, and these effords lead them to make research contributions to the current entrepreneurship research with unique research findings which are worth sharing with the global research community.

The LEMEX Research papers on Entrepreneurship bridges the curiosity and interest of young researchers and international researchers to advance the entrepreneurship research in a distinctive way.

Following papers with different topics have been published in this series yet:

Volume 1: Exploring Diaspora Entrepreneurship

Volume 2: Recent Issues on Transnational Entrepreneurship

Volume 3: The Role of Accelerators in Startup Ecosystems

Volume 4: Exploring Entrepreneurship Phenomena from Theoretical/Conceptual Aspects

Volume 5: Current Issues in Entrepreneurship Research