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Digital innovation projects by students for practice

About to graduate with a bachelor's degree? Interested in founding a company or in how to run a young company? Interested in gaining initial practical experience, developing yourself personally and establishing contacts with potential employers? Then the future concepts bremen offer an answer to these questions!

The future concepts bremen is the innovative teaching concept at LEMEX that brings together students and practitioners of the Bremen economy. In 100-day projects, teams of 4-5 students develop solutions for digital business concepts each semester. With accompanying coaching and public final presentation, the Demo-Day.

future concepts bremen is an innovative teaching concept. Initiated and funded by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe. With its digital innovation projects, it implements the basic idea of research-based learning and drives the transfer of knowledge and technology to business and society. The future concepts bremen were originally created in 2008 in Tampere, Finland, where they stand for international practical projects under the name DEMOLA.

Success stories future concepts bremen


A practical project by students for students is Studi2Go. An Instagram account with many interesting and helpful tips for everyday student life. An idea that was born by three students through the very different everyday life of the pandemic. You can also get to know the team and the idea better in the following Youtube video.

Bremer Business Schnack

Why not conduct a job interview with a company? Four young presenters developed a Pocast format in which a Bremen company presents itself as a potential employer in each episode. With many surprising answers to questions beyond the usual company portraits. The podcast is available here
You can find more information here

Bremen spendet

Finding a buyer for high-quality donations in kind was the motivation of seven students who designed and implemented the website www.bremenspendet.de. A platform that offers quick orientation and thus makes it easier to donate.
Who would like to learn more, can click here

Dating-App nanda

The idea behind "nanda" is a dating app that initially only allows users to get to know each other via voice messages. A five-member team of students wanted to test whether the voice is sufficient for a long-term relationship.

You can find a contribution to the project at Klub-Dialog here