Research Profile

The Chair in Small Business and Entrepreneurship (short: LEMEX, founded in 2001) dedicates itself to the emergence and maturation of new business concepts and their renewal. In addition, the context of the establishment of ventures as well as Corporate Entrepreneurship Initiatives of new business generation in established enterprises is considered.

In research, the chair has two focal points: Start-up ecosystems and transnational start-ups. On the one hand, the mechanisms of the development of successful start-up landscapes are examined, whereby primarily technology-driven, knowledge-based and service start-ups are in the focus. On the other hand, the chair investigates the founding activities of migrants, diasporas and refugees.

The research is rounded off by a theory of entrepreneurship, which emphasizes practice- and problem-based learning as well as research-based teaching in the context of the project. In addition, the chair is involved in the transfer of science through events that are dedicated to entrepreneurial thinking and action and which aim to promote start-up dynamics. In practice, transfer projects are carried out that focus on the development of new business models and business model transformation and are located in the area of digital transformation.