Important Documents

Learning Agreement – Before the mobility. Before you start your student exchange, you have to fill in all courses you plan to attend at the University of Bremen (section “Study Plan at Receiving Institution”). The Agreement has to be signed by yourself, the Erasmus Coordinator of the University of Bremen and the Erasmus Coordinator of your home university. This has to be done BEFORE your exchange. Please upload your signed learning agreement to the databank Mobility Online.

Learning Agreement – During the mobility. After starting the exchange, it might be that courses were cancelled or added since you filled in your Learning Agreement – Before the Mobility. You can adapt your choice of courses to these changes by using the Learning Agreement – During the Mobility. Again, signatures are needed and the document has to be uploaded. Please note: The changes have to be done within the first four weeks of your exchange.

At the end of your exchange you receive the Transcript of Records. This transcript lists all courses you participated in during your exchange. It is an official document and you need it for your home university, so that your courses are accepted there.

Please prepare the draft of the Transcript of Records using the databank of Mobility Online. This is required at the Institute of Sociology. Explanations on how to prepare the draft transcript are communicated via email (from the International Office) a few weeks before the end of the lecture period. After preparing the draft you have to send it to the Erasmus Coordinator. This has to be done BEFORE the end of your exchange. Further, please submit all your ECTS Course Certificates (in case the lecturer gave them to you) as well as certificates from language courses to your Erasmus Coordinator. As soon as the Erasmus Coordinator received all certificates, the Transcript of Records is finalised. You can either get the final Transcript personally from the Erasmus Coordinator or, if you are already back at your home university, you will get it via mail.

For every course you take at the University of Bremen you need an ECTS Course Certificate (see box “Links and Downloads” on the right). In German we call them “Schein”. The ECTS Course Certificate shows the type of class you attended (e.g. seminar or lecture), the type of assessment you took (e.g. written exam, term paper or oral exam) and the grade you got.
Fill one form for each course and give it to the lecturer at the end of the course. The lecturer enters type and date of assessment, grade, Credit Points and signs it. S/he has to forward it to the Erasmus Coordinator of the Institute of Sociology. If the lecturer gives you the ECTS Course Certificate, please forward it to the Erasmus Coordinator as the Erasmus Coordinator collects all ECTS Course Certificates for you.


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