Erasmus+ FAQ

You should use the L.A. form provided by your home university. Please ask your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator for help.

In most courses, you can obtain either 3 or 6 ECTS (as you like it and depending on your personal workload - please check the conditions directly with the lecturers / professors teaching the class).

It is no problem at all to start with part 2 of "Acting socially sustainable ...". Beginners are welcome there!

Yes, you are allowed to participate in any course. Especially course labelled as “General Studies” are a worthwhile choice, since most of the other course are not taught in English. However, if you should have any doubts please talk to the lecturer if you think your participation could be an issue (usually it is not).

At the box “Links and Downloads” (right part of the homepage) or at the homepage of the International Office.

Please contact the International Office, they will send it to you (incomingprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).

The confirmation is signed by the team of the International Office (not by the Erasmus Coordinator).

An extension is often possible. You should write to both Departmental Erasmus Coordinators (University of Bremen + home university of student) whether an extension is possible. If so, both Erasmus Coordinators have to give a written consent (by e-mail). These consents have to be sent to the International Office of the University of Bremen (incomingprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).

Please contact the International Office:

1. Course catalog

2.  Choose the semester you are here for and click on Choose

3.  Scroll down and click on Fachbereich 08. Sozialwissenschaften (it may takes a while) → Choose your study programme

4. Then you can click: Show courses in English: now english courses are shown

The non-profit association: Erasmus-Initiative Bremen organizes Events in Bremen for around 300 international students from all over the world. 


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