Description of Modules

Students of the master program follow three mandatory and four compulsory elective modules of their choice during the mater program. Which seminars are offered in the context of each compulsory elective module is advised prior to each semester via the course catalog of the University of Bremen. The modules offered during the winter semester 2023/24 can be found here.

Mandatory modules:

  • Transnational Law I: Private Governance and Regulation by Prof. Dr. Gralf-Peter Calliess [description of the seminar is coming soon]
  • Transnational Law II (Public law dimension of transnational law) by Prof. Dr. Lars Viellechner, LL.M. (Yale) [description of the seminar is coming soon]
  • Methodology of Transnational Law by Dr. Nicholas Mouttotos [description of the seminar is coming soon]

List of compulsory elective modules:

  • Transnational Economic Law
  • Transnational Health Law
  • Transnational Administrative Law
  • Transnational Labour and Social Law
  • Transnational Security Law
  • Transnational Human Rights Law
  • Transnational Migration Law
  • Transnational Law of Intellectual Property
  • Transnational Maritime Law
  • Transnational IT Law
  • Transnational Company Law
  • Transnational Environmental Law
  • Transnational Tenancy Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Transnational Criminal Law
  • Transnational Moot Court
  • Transnational Dispute Resolution
  • Transnational Aspects of European Law
  • European Labour Law
  • Transnational Aspects of Legal Theory

Download link of the list of module description is coming soon.