Diginomics Research Talks meet BREMEN.AI Data Lounge

On December 1, 2020, the Diginomics Research Group of the University of Bremen hosts Dr Michael Engel, Head of Data & AI Product Management at VW Financial Services. The event is co-organized by BREMEN.AI Data Lounge and the Data Science Center.

Topic: AI Product Management

Dr Engel will give an introduction into AI product management - a topic many companies struggle to succeed with. In this talk, Dr Engel discusses a product-level approach towards creating value by using AI. He is going to show how product management concepts enable data science teams to frame the search for and implementation of ideas for innovation. In addition to that, Dr Engel will identify areas in which the product management frameworks for software products do not apply to AI products. Finally, he will discuss complementary approaches specific for AI products.

The background of this talk is given by the lacking abilities of many companies to deploy AI technologies to generate real customer value and eventually, economic impact. The problem derives from the entrenched habit to either using a firm-level AI strategy or a technology based approach by developing new models respectively algorithms. However, a data science team does not benefit from this in either way to maximize any short to medium-term profits.

The talk will take place as an online event via Zoom. The recording will be published later on YouTube.

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