Publication on Work-Related Learning and Employability

Dr. Julian Decius (Head of Organizational Psychology) has published an article in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (IF = 4.867). Together with Dr. Michael Knappstein (ISM Dortmund) and Dr. Katharina Klug (University of Bremen), he investigated the question of whether organizations should be concerned when they invest in work-related learning for their employees, as they may not only increase internal employability but also external employability, which makes employees attractive to competitors in the labor market. The answer is: it depends on the form of learning. Informal learning seems to promote internal employability, but self-regulated learning promotes external employability. Formal training contributes surprisingly little to employability. The publication entitled "Which way of learning benefits your career? The role of different forms of work-related learning for different types of perceived employability" can be found here.

IF = Impact Factor

ISM = International School of Management

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