Start of the Competence Center RessourcE

Dr. Julian Decius, in cooperation with Dr. Peter Bleses from the Institute for Work and Economy (iaw), has acquired the BMBF-funded regional competence center for labor research "RessourcenEntwicklung in Dienstleistungsarbeit" (RessourcE) for a five-year period starting July 1, 2023. Twenty funded partners from the North-West of Germany are involved in the project network.

The competence center aims to strengthen the competitiveness of regional companies in the logistics sector (including port operations) and in the healthcare industry, with a particular focus on qualification and competence development for workers in low-skilled jobs, as well as health-promoting and technically-supported work and a positive leadership culture. On the RessourcE Competence Advisory Board, Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann will represent the topic of "Data-based human resource management", Prof. Dr. André Heinemann the topic of "Regional economic fiscal analyses", and Dr. Katharina Klug the topic of "Health-oriented leadership".

Shows a group of people in front of the administration building