Internationalised Politics Colloquium

  • Internationalised Politics Colloquium

    In the weekly meetings of the colloquium, we discuss ongoing research and conceptual ideas in the field of international politics, global sociology and historical international relations. Drawing on a variety of theory approaches, our group focuses on the internationalised nature of political processes and aims to theorize them from a international political sociology perspective.

Internationalised Politics Colloquium

Summer Term 2023

Wednesdays, 14.00-16.00 (CET)

InIIS seminar room, UNICOM 7.2210


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Date         Presenter/title                                            
12 April     Klaus Schlichte
             Knowledge Production in the Foreign Office
             Discussant: Martin Seelinger, IAW

19 April     Research Practices: What and How Do I Store What?
             Input by Katarina Kusic and Klaus Schlichte

26 April     -

3 May        Open Discussion, Does the war in Ukraine lead to a new global order?
             Input statements from Wiebke Rabe, Philipp Genschel & Jude Kagoro

8 May        Andrea Oñate-Madrazo (California Polytech State Univ.)
             Book presentation on guerilla actors in El Salvador

17 May       Sybille Reinke de Buitrago, IKriS/InIIS
             Visuals in Conflict

24 May       InIIS Lunchtime Talk

31 May       Christine Andrä (Groningen), Knowing Conflict

7 June       Text discussion, Jason Dittmer, Diplomatic Material
             Input by Klaus Schlichte

14 June      InIIS Lunchtime Talk

21 June      Pinar Zeynep Erdem (MOSAIC) & Henri Myrttinen (MOSAIC & InIIS)
             Violence against women of diverse sexual orientation, gender identities and expressions and sex  
             characteristics in Turkey and Lebanon

28 June      Ana Velasco Ugalde, tba (dissertation project)

5 July       Kressen Thyen & Anna Wolkenhauer
             Questioning the rurality of the countryside: What are specific social questions in rural Africa?

12 July      InIIS Lunchtime Talk


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