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Internationalised Politics Colloquium

  • Internationalised Politics Colloquium

    In the weekly meetings of the colloquium, we discuss ongoing research and conceptual ideas in the field of international politics, global sociology and historical international relations. Drawing on a variety of theory approaches, our group focuses on the internationalised nature of political processes and aims to theorize them from a international political sociology perspective.

Internationalised Politics Colloquium

Summer Term 2022

Wednesdays, 2.15-4 pm

UNICOM 7.2210


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20th April

Philipp Schulz

Perpetrators of Wartime Sexual Violence against Men

27th April

Lisa Tschörner

Number Games. The Politics of Counting Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

4th May

Ahmed Elsayed

The Curious Case of the Syrian Kurdish YPG/PYD’s International Recognition

11th May

Anna Wolkenhauer

Academics in social policymaking: Types of knowledge and the attempt to be useful

18th May

Myriam Velia (KwaZulu-Natal)

Julian May (Western Cape)

Omar Benammour (FAO, Rome)

Strengthening the Role of Social Protection in Agri-Food Systems and Inclusive Rural Transformation: Evidence from the Ahmini Programme in Tunisia

25th May

Roy Karadag

Welfare Statism in Modern Africa

1st June

Julian Friesinger

Repressive tolerance, hegemony, and historical bloc: a politico-economic and sociological perspective on authoritarian durability in Uganda

8th June

Alex Veit

The New International Economic Order, the Brandt Commission and contemporary discourses on North-South relationships

15th June

Solveig Richter (Leipzig)

Blended legitimacy: Non-State Actors in Post-Conflict Societies

22nd June

Stephan Hensell

The EU and Brussels: Ethnography of the Political Centre

Tuesday, 28th June

Book discussion together with the Political Theory group

Marc Beissinger: The Revolutionary City. Urbanization and the Global Transformation of Rebellion

6th July

Kressen Thyen

Social Change and Political Mobilization in Rural Morocco and Tunisia

13th July

Antonia Witt (HSFK Frankfurt)

Exploring societal perspectives on African regional organizations: Politicization and constitution ‘from below’

20th July

InIIS Lunchtime


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