Internationalised Politics Colloquium

  • Internationalised Politics Colloquium

    In the weekly meetings of the colloquium, we discuss ongoing research and conceptual ideas in the field of international politics, global sociology and historical international relations. Drawing on a variety of theory approaches, our group focuses on the internationalised nature of political processes and aims to theorize them from a international political sociology perspective.

Internationalised Politics Colloquium

Winter term 2022/23

Wednesdays, 14.00-16.00 (CET)

InIIS seminar room, UNICOM 7.2210


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Meeting-ID: 940 5652 1017

Kenncode: 721197


Date         Presenter/title                                            
19 October   Open discission of Klaus Schlichte's "3xUkraine:  
             Die politische Soziologie
             eines Angriffskrieges" (Leviathan)

26 October   Joint Reading, Catherine Besteman, 2020: Militarized  
             Global Apartheid. Durham: Duke University Press.

2 November   How to supervise BA and MA theses - exchange of 
             experiences, Moderation and input by Klaus Schlichte

9 November   Sebastian Hoppe, "Sovereignist (non-)development. 
             Historicising the Sino-Russian Conjuncture"

16 November  InIIS Luchtime Talk, David Krogmann "The compromise of 
             liberal environmentalism: a journey through the history of  
             climate governance”

23 November  Florian Weigand (LSE), "Legitimacy and Authority in 

30 November  Franceso Laruffa (SOCIUM Bremen), "Towards inclusive green 
             growth and just transition: a critique of an emerging  
             global policy paradigm”

7 December   Katarina Kusic, "What's in a land grab? Knowing dispossession and land in South East Europe"

14 December  InIIS Lunchtime Talk, Anna Wolkenhauer & Klaus Schlichte, 
             "The Politics of the Peasant: How sustainable is small-
             holder farming?"

21 December  Felix Anderl (Uni Marburg), “Epistemologies of Land”

11 January   Berenike Prem (InIIS), "Anticipatory Norm-Building and the (Un)Making of Uncertainty: 
             The Norm against Autonomous Weapons Systems"

18 January   InIIS Lunchtime Talk, Rosine Kelz, "What is 
             sustainability?", Discussion

25 January   Beate Jahn (Sussex University), "Critical Theory and the Crisis of the Liberal World Order"

1 February   InIIS Lunchtime Talk, Wiebke Rabe, "Digital public participation in China's environmental governance"


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