Internationalised Politics Colloquium

  • Internationalised Politics Colloquium

    In the weekly meetings of the colloquium, we discuss ongoing research and conceptual ideas in the field of international politics, global sociology and historical international relations. Drawing on a variety of theory approaches, our group focuses on the internationalised nature of political processes and aims to theorize them from a international political sociology perspective.

Internationalised Politics Colloquium

Winter Term 2023/24

Wednesdays, 12.00-14.00 (CET)

InIIS seminar room, UNICOM 7.2210


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Date                Presenter/title                                           

18 October    The New Gaza War in Context
                            Inputs by Stephan Stetter (Bundeswehr Universität München) & Roy Karadag (InIIS)


25 October    How/how not to decolonize IR? Reconstructing the "#SDScandal"
                            Howell & Richter-Montpetit (2020): Is Securitization Theory Racist? In: Security Dialogue 51 (1), 3-22.
                            Waever, Ole/Buzan, Barry (2020): Racism and Responsibility: A Reply to Howell and Richter-Montpetit. In: Security Dialogue 51 (4), 
                            Howell, Alison/Montpetit-Richter, Melanie (2023) Upholding Disciplinary Whiteness. In: Security Dialogue 54 (4), 313-336.


1 November   Reflecting Epistemic Struggles
                            Alexander, Jeffrey (1996): The Centrality of the Classics. In: Turner, Stephen P. (ed.): Social Theory and Sociology, the Classics 
                            and Beyond. Cambridge: Blackwell, 21-38.
                            Bourdieu, Pierre (1991): The Peculiar History of Scientific Reason. In: Sociological Forum 6 (1), 3-26.

8 November    InIIS Lunchtime Talk


15 November   Roy Karadag (InIIS)
                              The False Promises of Instrumental Knowledge in Global Development


22 November   InIIS Lunchtime Talk


29 November   Jude Kagoro (InIIS)
                               Cocktail in Mogadishu: Uganda's and other international forces in Somalia


6 December     Ana Velasco Ugalde (InIIS)
                               Approaching Yaqui Territory: (Dis)continuities of Violence


13 December    Reading Session
                                Samuel Moyn (2023): Liberalism Against Itself. New Haven: Yale University Press.


20 December     Philippe Kétouré (Université de Cocody Abidjan)
                                 Feministische Außen- und Entwicklungspolitik: Akteure und Positionen in Europa und der Côte d'Ivoire


10 January       Anna Wolkenhauer (InIIS)
                              The non-exceptionality of Botswana and rural developmental stagnation


17 January      InIIS Lunchtime Talk


24 January       Stefan Hensell & KlausSchlichte (InIIS)
                              Armed Groups and Global Historical Times


31 January     InIIS Lunchtime Talk


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