Internationalised Politics Colloquium

  • Internationalised Politics Colloquium

    In the weekly meetings of the colloquium, we discuss ongoing research and conceptual ideas in the field of international politics, global sociology and historical international relations. Drawing on a variety of theory approaches, our group focuses on the internationalised nature of political processes and aims to theorize them from a international political sociology perspective.

Internationalised Politics Colloquium

Summer Term 2024

Wednesdays, 14.15-16.00 (CEST)

InIIS seminar room, UNICOM 7.2210


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Passcode: 188151


Date                Presenter/title                                           

3 April             Pierre Bourdieu and the field of politics

                          Joint Reading: Wacquant 2005

10 April           InIIS Lunchtime Lecture

17 April          Current Affairs Session: The International Politics of the Gaza War

                         Joel Migdal (University of Washington, Seattle) & Roy Karadag (InIIS)

24 April          Kressen Thyen (SFB 1342)

                         Between State and Corporate Food Power: Dairy Farmers in Peripheral Tunisia

1 May             Labor Day, no session

8 May             Jakob Frizell (SOCIUM)

                          Civil War and National Cohesion

15 May           Current Affairs Session: Das Wissen um Afghanistan

                          Amélie Harbisch (Uni Erfurt)

22 May           InIIS Lunchtime Talk

29 May           Pinar Erdem & David Onen Ongwech (InIIS)

                          Queer forced migration: Insights from Turkey, Lebanon and Uganda

5 June            Philipp Schulz (InIIS)

                          Perpetrators of Wartime Sexual Violence Against Men

12 June          InIIS Lunchtime Lecture

19 June          tba

26 June          KlausSchlichte

                          How to supervise a thesis

3 July             Sarah Kassim de Camargo Penteado (InIIS)

                          On Corruption


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