Workshop on Combining Mixed Reality and Brain-Computer Interfaces: Challenges and Opportunities @ ISMAR 2020

In the context of Mixed Reality (MR), a neural user interface (or Brain-Computer Interfaces, BCI) can either be used as an explicit input modality (e.g. for entry of text or commands) or as an implicit channel to proactively adapt the 3D user interface, reducing the need for manual adjustments by the user or by the designer. Beyond real-time applications, neural and physiological data can also be used for evaluation purposes to test and improve MR interfaces and interaction paradigms, giving continuous data for important aspects of user experience which can be hard to assess otherwise, such as presence, workload, or attention. The topic of bringing MR technologies together with neural and physiological data is gaining more and more interest in the field as the necessary technical components are becoming more mature and widespread. Both areas are complex and fast-moving in themselves, i.e. very few researchers are experts in both fields equally. Therefore, matchmaking between researchers from MR and researchers from neural and physiological interfaces should lead to fruitful collaborations and important scientific and practical exchanges between both fields. In this workshop, at the ISMAR 2020, we will feature presentations of original research, work-in-progress, tools and data sets, as well as challenge and perspective papers on the combination of neural and/or physiological interfaces with MR technologies and applications. Given the restrictions on research involving participants during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also encourage interested participants to submit synthesizing works (e.g., reviews and meta-analyses) or planned and formally preregistered studies of relevance.


  • Felix Putze, University of Bremen
  • Hakim Si-Mohammed, University of Lille
  • Anatole Lécuyer, Inria Rennes
  • Lisa-Marie Vortmann, University of Bremen

Program (Time is UTC-3):

Time (UTC-3, Brazil)Time (CET, Berlin)Time (EDT, New York)PresentationPresenter
8:00am12:00pm6:00amWelcome & Introduction to Combining Mixed Reality and Brain-Computer InterfacesFelix Putze
8:20am12:20pm6:20amCombining BCI with Virtual/Augmented Reality: toward hybrid technologies and novel immersive applicationsAnatole Lécuyer
8:40am12:40pm6:40amEEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces for attention-aware Augmented Reality InterfacesLisa-Marie Vortmann
9:00am13:007:00amBrain-Computer Interfaces and Augmented Reality : Challenges and OpportunitiesHakim Si-Mohammed
9:40am13:407:40amCan we experience agency and responsibility over virtual movements controlled by Brain-Computer-Interfaces?Brigit Nierula
10:00am14:008:00amEEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Virtual Reality for NeurorehabilitationThanos Vourvopoulos
10:20am14:208:20amSeeking Form Factors and Interaction Paradigms for Consumer AR/VR BCIAndy Wilson
10:40am14:408:40amTwo Brains are better than one: Brain Synchronisation and BCIMark Billighurst
11:20am15:209:20amPanel DiscussionAll presenters
11:50am15:509:50amClosing wordsHakim Si-Mohammed


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