Dr. Dennis Küster

About me

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Cognitive Systems Lab with a background in emotion science and psychophysiology. My expertise includes experience in interdisciplinary research involving ICT and social robotics. My research interests revolve around the topic of emotions from a variety of angles, including: Psychophysiology of emotions, contextual and social factors influencing emotion expression, online self-presentation (avatars), affect sensing in Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI), expression of emotions in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), methods of emotion assessment, and emotion elicitation (e.g., images, videos, sounds, feedback). These types of studies frequently include validation experiments in the context of HRI/HCI, or the comparison of laboratory measures with new contact-free or wireless devices (e.g., Microsoft Kinect, or the Affectiva Q-Sensor). Across these different types of topics, I study emotions from an appraisal perspective, and a common theme is the issue of how social context affects emotional processing at multiple levels.

Current Projects

DFG: The Cognitive Control of Social Resonance (CCSR)

DFG: Hate Speech: From automatic classification to understanding emotional dynamics

Minds, Media, Machines Seed Grant Project: Creating Facial Expressions for Avatars Based on Affective Prosody (PIs: Rainer Koschke, Tanja Schultz). For information on MMM Seed Grants, please have a look at the Minds, Media, Machines Website!


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