Hot Topics in Sensors and Human Activity Research (03-IMS-TSHAR)

Human activity recognition (HAR) has been playing an increasingly important role in the digital age. High-quality sensory observations applicable to recognizing users' activities, whether through external or internal (wearable) sensing technology, are inseparable from sensors' sophisticated design and appropriate application.

Having been studied and verified adequately, traditional sensors suitable for human activity recognition—such as external sensors for smart homes, optical sensors like cameras for capturing video signals, and bioelectrical and biomechanical sensors for wearable applications—continue to be researched in-depth for more effective and efficient usage, among which specific areas of life facilitated by sensor-based HAR have been continuously increasing. Meanwhile, innovative sensor research for HAR is also very active in the academic community, including brand new types of sensors appropriate for HAR, new designs and applications of the above-mentioned traditional sensors, and the introduction of non-traditional HAR-related sensor types into HAR tasks, among others.

Aktualisiert von: Hui Liu