Gambling Research Unit

Gambling Research Unit

The Gambling Research Unit conducts various research projects on the development and consequences of problematic gambling behaviour or gambling addiction ("gambling disorder") and the prevention of this disorder. On the one hand, our research work is based on a biopsychosocial understanding of illness. On the other hand, our research activities are characterised by a high degree of practical relevance and thus the aspiration to always translate scientific findings into concrete recommendations for action for healthcare practice and politics. To this end, we use a variety of research methods, ranging from traditional qualitative (such as interview studies) and quantitative (such as big data analyses) to (quasi-)experimental research approaches. The Gambling Research Unit is headed by Dr Tobias Hayer.

Members of the unit:

    Dr Tobias Hayer (Head of the unit)
    Tim Brosowski
    Dr Marc von Meduna
    Prof Dr Gerhard Meyer
    Tobias Turowski

Current publications

  • Hayer, T. & Kalke, J. (2023). Glücksspielsucht im Alter: Risikobedingungen, Entwicklungsverläufe und Präventionsansätze (GA-REP). Berlin: Bundesministerium für Gesundheit.
  • Manthey, J., Jacobsen, B., Hayer, T., Kalke, J., Lopez-Pelayo, H., Pons-Cabrera, M.T., Verthein, U. & Rosenkranz, M. (2023). The impact of legal cannabis availability on cannabis use and health outcomes: A systematic review. International Journal of Drug Policy, 116, 104039.
  • Turowski, T., Bischof, G., Brosowski, T., Hayer, T., Bischof, A., Meyer, C., John, U. & Rumpf, H.-J. (2023). Gender and age in gambling participation, gambling onset and problematic gambling in a general population sample: Empirical findings from Germany. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 21, 2682-2705.
  • Brosowski, T. & Hayer, T. (2023). Klienten*innendokumentation der ambulanten Glücksspielsuchtberatungen in Niedersachsen 2017-2022. Bremen: Universität Bremen.
  • Brosowski, T. & Hayer, T. (2022). Klienten*innendokumentation der ambulanten Glücksspielsuchtberatungen in Niedersachsen 2017-2021. Bremen: Universität Bremen.
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  • Hayer, T. (2022). Editorial: Das Einzahlungslimit von 1.000 Euro für Online-Glücksspiele: Warum diese Grenze zu hoch angesetzt ist. Zeitschrift für Wett- und Glücksspielrecht, 17 (3-4), 217-218.
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