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Welcome to the site of Department for Evaluation and Implementation Research in Nursing Science. Here you will find a brief overview of our research activities, members and teaching.



Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. Birte Berger-Höger
Tel.: +49 421 218-68900

Christiane Degering-Machirus
Tel.: +49 421 218-68901

Grazer Straße 4
28359 Bremen


Our department aims to promote evidence-based nursing practice to prevent overuse, underuse or misuse of care for patients and their relatives.

We develop and evaluate complex nursing interventions with regard to their efficacy and effectiveness. In the case of effective interventions, we develop suitable implementation concepts that have been theoretically developed and empirically tested in order to transfer the findings into practice. Central questions are which strategies, processes and factors promote and which inhibit the implementation of evidence-based interventions within certain care settings (e.g. in outpatient care, long-term care facilities, community or acute inpatient settings)

Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods are used to develop, pilot and evaluate these complex interventions. The interventions are evaluated summatively (efficacy and effectiveness research) and formatively (process evaluation). The research is also intended to contribute to the further development of theories, concepts and methods of evaluation and implementation research.

  • Evidence-based nursing practice, development and evaluation of complex interventions
  • Informed shared decision making
  • Decision coaching

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We offer courses in the nursing and health science degree programmes (Bachelor's and Master's) in Faculty 11. The department also supervises and assesses final theses and doctoral theses.

Currently we can offer the following topic for a master thesis:

 "Decision coaching for healthy women with BRCA 1/2 gene mutation - adaptation and piloting of an online blended learning training for specialised nurses in oncology"



Prof. Dr. Birte Berger-Höger
Pflegewissenschaftliche Evaluations- und Implementierungsforschung|

Better health information for migrants in oncology

People with a migration history often face barrieres when they when seeking trustworthy information about their cancer treatment. To develop improved health information resources for this population, the IPP and the University Medical Centre Halle are working together on the 'DivO-Inform' project.

Prof. Dr. Birte Berger-Höger
Pflegewissenschaftliche Evaluations- und Implementierungsforschung|

Informed Contraceptive Choice: Project Optimizes Guidelines

“The right decision aids should present the advantages and disadvantages in a manner suited to the target group"

Mitarbeiter der Abteilung Pflegewissenschaftliche Evaluations- und Implementierungsforschung



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