Completed projects

Third-party funded and in-house projects

Title Project Type Start date
DigiTechNH: Digital technologies to improve social interaction and participation of people with care and support needs in inpatient long-term care Third-party funded project 01.01.2022
StaVaCare 2.0: Stability and variation of the care mix in nursing homes considering care mix, outcome and organisational characteristics - organisational development in Schleswig-Holstein Uni Bremen Campus GmbH-Project 01.09.2021
Formalization and VR-based Simulation of Age-related Obstacles own project 01.05.2021
The situation of home care in Germany during the coronavirus pandemic own project 01.05.2020
Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in long-term outpatient care own project 01.04.2020
Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in long-term inpatient care own project 01.04.2020
SoKIP: Exploratory project on AI in care Third-party funded project 01.04.2020
Technologies to support interaction in daily life for people with dementia and their informal carers to improve quality of life and social participation Third-party funded project 01.10.2019
SHARED: Social Health And Reserve in the Dementia Patient Journey Third-party funded project 01.05.2019
DISTINCT: Dementia - Intersectorial Strategy for Training and Innovation Network for Current Technology (DISTINCT) Third-party funded project 01.05.2019
DemWG: Reducing the risk of hospitalisation for people with dementia in assisted living communities Third-party funded project 01.04.2019
PfADe: Preventive care structures for family carers of people with dementia Third-party funded project 01.04.2018
Evaluation of the "Farms for people with dementia" care and support programme Third-party funded project 01.05.2017
MVP-STAT: Needs-Based Provision of Medical Care to Nursing Home Residents Third-party funded project 01.04.2017
Avoiding admission to nursing home: Onset of long-term inpatient care and its predictors in care, housing and support situation - population-based cohort study Third-party funded project 01.04.2017
Development of a scientific based Procedure for unified Calculation of Personnel Requirements in Nursing Institutions with qualitative and quantitative standards in accordance with § 113c SGB XI Third-party funded project 01.01.2017
INDIKA - Indication-specific regionally coordinated post-inpatient long-term care for people with stroke and people with dementia after stroke in Berlin-Pankow Third-party funded project 01.05.2013
MADRIC - IT-supported monitoring of adverse drug reactions in inpatient geriatric care Third-party funded project 01.11.2012
DemNet-D. Multicentre, interdisciplinary evaluation study of dementia networks in Germany Third-party funded project 01.04.2012
WGQual: Research-based quality development to strengthen quality of life and preventive potential in assisted living communities for older people in need of care Third-party funded project 01.05.2009
DeWeGE: Berlin study on the outcome-related evaluation of health care for people with dementia in assisted living communities Third-party funded project 01.05.2008