Public Health Research

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Global Health

  • Global Tobacco
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Health
  • Medical Anthropology in Global Health
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases in Pakistan

Health & Society

  • Sociology of health
  • Social science addiction and drug policy research
  • Gambling research
  • Health in penal systems and criminal policy
  • Work, organization and health
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Prevention and Health Promotion

  • Health promotion and prevention across the lifespan.
  • Social-cognitive determinants and psychosocial aspects in the context of health and health behavior
  • Social and spatial determinants of health
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Social Epidemiology

  • Urban Health - Health in urban areas
  • Environmental Justice - Equal Opportunities in Environment and Health
  • Gender sensitive health science research - Sex/gender in epidemiology.
  • Equity Impact of Public Health Interventions
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Working Group Epidemiology of Demographic Change

  • Health and demographic change
  • Determinants of health behavior
  • Methods in epidemiology
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Health Services Research

  • Evidence-based
  • Patient orientation and patient participation
  • Practice transfer

Health Care Management

  • Analysis of "added value" in the area of conflict between economics, ethics and social law
  • Model and routine data-based health economic evaluation
  • Innovation management in health care
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Working Group Evidence Based Public Health

Here you will be directed to the information provided by the Evidence-Based Public Health Workgroup.

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Working Group Public Health Ethics and Health Humanities

  • Social justice as the normative basis of public health.
  • Discourse ethics analysis of public health and science communication
  • Health and disease in film and literature
  • Body weight: socio-cultural and ethical aspects
  • Organ transplantation: socio-cultural, ethical and public health aspects