Nursing Research

Pflegerische Versorgungsforschung

Health Care Research

  • Quality assurance and further development
  • Further development of alternative care structures
  • New technologies in nursing care
  • Evidence-based
  • Analysis of network structures
Wegweiser Forschungsgebiete der Abteilung Pflegewissenschaftliche Evaluations- und Implementierungsforschung

Evaluation and Implementation Research in Nursing Science

  • Promotion of evidence-based nursing practice
  • Informed Shared Decision Making und Decision Coaching
Foto vom Team der Abteilung Qualifikations- und Curriculumforschung

Qualification and Curriculum Research

  • Modernization of education, training and continuing education for health professions
  • Development of innovative curricula
  • Identification of professional qualification requirements
  • Investigation of effects and backgrounds of curricula and especially of curricular reforms