IPP Research Workshops

The IPP research workshops are interdisciplinary workshops for different research methods, which serve the exchange and mutual support of interested scientists at IPP. Currently, the following research workshops exist:

The IPP Research Workshop is an interdisciplinary workshop for qualitative research methods. For more than 10 years, doctoral students and researchers of the IPP as well as external scientists: have been meeting in a continuous working context, who are looking for collegial advice and cooperation in the context of research projects. The range of topics is broad: From research interests, the research question, excerpts from data material to self-written texts and presentations, everything can be brought in and made the subject of joint work. In addition, methodological, theoretical and ethical questions concerning the research topics are discussed together.

The basis of the work in the workshop is an orientation towards the qualitative and interpretative research paradigm. In the research workshop, confidentiality and due diligence in dealing with data material are assumed. One participant can bring material to each session. The material must be registered in advance.

Since 2014, the qualitative research workshop at IPP has been recognized as a doc network of the PhD Center of the University of Bremen and, with this support, regularly conducts workshops on methodological and theoretical issues with experts in the respective topic.

Meeting point is every 2nd Monday of the month from 15.30 - 17.30 hrs.

The Qualitative Research Workshop currently takes place in online format via Zoom.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Darmann-Finck

Organizational leadership: Valeska Stephanow and Marianne Rahner

The quantitative research workshop is an interdisciplinary association and addresses all IPP staff members who work with or are interested in quantitative methods. Impulse lectures on different topics of quantitative research or statistical analysis of data are the starting point for exchange and discussion on the application of these methods in research practice. Likewise, statistical methods are jointly developed or refined. Furthermore, the quantitative research workshop offers the opportunity for exchange and collegial consultation on methodological, theoretical, and practical issues that arise in everyday research and teaching. If necessary, it is also planned to invite external experts on specific topics. A duty of confidentiality and due diligence on the part of the participants in dealing with data material is assumed.

Registration and information:

Dr. Stefanie Dreger

University of Bremen - Faculty 11

Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP)

Dept.5 Social Epidemiology

E-mail: stefanie.dreger@uni-bremen.de

The Research Workshop Participation is an interdepartmental facility of the IPP for staff members who conduct or would like to conduct participatory research. The research workshop serves as a collegial exchange on theoretical and practical aspects of participatory research. External experts can also be invited. The focus is on planned, ongoing or completed research projects as well as theoretical concepts, methodological, ethical and practical problems of participation. Furthermore, participatory approaches and methods in teaching are discussed. A duty of confidentiality and care of the participants in dealing with any material is assumed. The Research Workshop on Participation is a permanent group that meets regularly. New members are welcome!

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Karin Bammann

Organizational management: Carina Recke, Imke Stalling