The Institute Council of IPP meets at least twice per calendar year. It is chaired by the managing director. Members are the professors of the IPP as well as elected representatives of the academic and other staff members. The tasks of the Institute Council are, among other things, to pass resolutions on the management of funds and the budget, the preparation of the interdepartmental research program, on joint events, and the accountability report of the IPP. The Institute Council elects the IPP Board of Directors every two years.

The general meeting of the IPP takes place at least once a year. It is chaired by the managing director. All members of the IPP belong to the general meeting according to §4 of the statutes. Tasks of the General Assembly are the election of the other and academic members of the Institute Council, passing resolutions on the rules of procedure as well as advising the Institute Council on structural and content-related issues of the IPP.

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