Ongoing Projects

Third-party funded projects / own projects

Title Project Type Start date
DivO-Inform Third-party funded project 01.01.2024
Player protection on the Internet: Evaluation of the measures of the State Gambling Treaty 2021 Third-party funded project 10.07.2023
SHIFT2HEALTH Third-party funded project 01.06.2023
SalusTransform: Evaluation of interventions for equitable health-promoting urban development and great transformation in terms of promoting health, reducing social inequalities and protecting the climate and environment Third-party funded project 01.06.2023
T!CALL: Transfer Cluster of Academic Teaching Nursing Institutions in Long-Term Care Third-party funded project 01.04.2023
Evaluation of the model project "Securing medical and health care for people without health insurance and undocumented people in Bremen" Third-party funded project 15.02.2023
Multi MOST Study Third-party funded project 01.02.2023
Heat action plan for the cities Bremen and Bremerhaven Third-party funded project 01.02.2023
Quit4TB Trial in Bangladesh and Pakistan In-house project 01.10.2022
Climate change and health equity: a public health perspective on climate justice in Germany Third-party funded project 01.07.2022
Concerted Action on Long-Term Care Health Surveillance. LTCSurv Third-party funded project 01.04.2022
Informed contraceptive choice: Development of gender and diversity-sensitive guidelines and evidence-based decision aids – development and piloting of a concept (GenDivInfo) Third-party funded project 01.04.2022
Integrated Indicator Set Urban Health Third-party funded project 01.04.2022
Update of the S3 Guideline Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Therapy, Prevention and Management of Bacterial, Ambulatory and Hospital Acquired Urinary Tract Infections in Adults Third-party funded project 01.03.2022
Evaluation of semi-automated care processes in long-term care using AI-based movement monitoring as an example (ETAP) Third-party funded project 01.02.2022
Men’s sheds as places for community-based prevention and health promotion for men over 50 years: model project (MARS) Third-party funded project 01.02.2022
University Nursing Education and Career Entry Uni Bremen Campus GmbH-Project 01.01.2022
Digital technologies to improve social interaction and participation of people with care and support needs in inpatient long-term care (DigiTechNH) Third-party funded project 01.01.2022
Transitions to nursing – strengthening individual and regional resources Third-party funded project 01.01.2022
An integrated small-scale monitoring concept: Supporting decision-making for healthy and sustainable urban development Third-party funded project 01.01.2022
Professional Qualification of Clinical Preceptors as Integrated Component of Nursing Bachelor's degree programmes in Germany Uni Bremen Campus GmbH-Projekt 01.01.2022
Guideline Climate-conscious prescription of inhalatives In-house project 01.01.2022
Process development and support for the use of AI in care (ProKIP) Third-party funded project 01.12.2021
Dementia-Enabling Neighbourhoods: Participatory development of dementia-friendly neighbourhoods in Bremen (DEN-HB) Third-party funded project 01.11.2021
Effectiveness of a peer-supported crisis intervention to reduce the proportion of compulsory admissions (PeerIntervent) Third-party funded project 01.09.2021
Quality of COVID-19 vaccine informed consent forms own project 01.02.2021
Investigation of the implementation of the study programs of university nursing education according to the Nursing Professions Act Uni Bremen Campus GmbH-Projekt 01.01.2021
FORESIGHT. Framework for evidence-based interventions to promote health literacy in the setting of vocational reintegration Third-party funded project 01.10.2020
FAMOUS: Case-based care for multimorbid patients in general practice by advanced practice nurses (APN) Third-party funded project 01.10.2020
Does growing up taste sweet and creamy? PostDoc Project 01.06.2020
Empowerment in patient and public involvement in clinical research PostDoc-Project 01.06.2020
Structural development in the area of vocational school teacher training Development of further training offers for teachers in vocational education Third-party funded project 01.03.2020
Equal-Life: Early environmental quality and life-course mental health effects Third-party funded project 01.01.2020
Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health Third-party funded project 01.08.2019
LSC DiPH: Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health Third-party funded project 01.08.2019
PIZ: Care Innovation Centre third-party funded project 01.06.2017
Monitoring of environmental health inequalities in Europe own project 01.05.2017

Doctoral projects

Title Project Type Start date
Preventive home visits for older people - in the context of a healthy city: A Mixed-Methods Formative Evaluation of the Model Project in the Federal State of Bremen Promotionsprojekt 15.07.2022
Linking medical practices with the social sector through the concept of social prescribing Promotional Project 01.04.2021
Climate change and health equity in developing countries: a policy perspective in Nepal PostDoc-Project 01.10.2020
Climate change and health education in primary schools in Kosovo: a multi-method assessment PostDoc-Project 01.10.2020
Reducing tobacco supply by regulating the tobacco retail environment in the Eastern Mediterranean Region PostDoc-Project 01.10.2020
Sexual education in the context of sexual health. Outlines of a salutogenetic perspective Doctoral projects 01.07.2020
Coping of Change Processes towards agile working from the perspective of Personality Neuroscience Doctoral project 25.05.2020
Coping of Change Processes towards agile working from the perspective of Personality Neuroscience Doctoral project 20.11.2019
End of Life Care Doctoral projects 01.07.2019
Care providers in structurally weak rural regions Doctoral projects 01.01.2018
Health literacy: determinants of health literacy in elderly people from the 65th year of life. Doctoral projects 01.11.2017
Patient Sharing Networks in Health Services Research Doctoral projects 01.04.2017
The effectiveness of quality assurance measures in long-term inpatient care Doctoral projects 01.04.2016