Working Group Evidence Based Public Health

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Welcome on the pages of the Working Group Evidence Based Public Health

Our research area was recently founded and is currently under construction. Here you will find a short overview regarding our research activities, members and teaching.


Head of department:
Dr. Stefanie Helmer
Tel.: +49 421 218-68803

Nicole Hehde
Tel.: +49 421 218-68802

Grazer Straße 4
28359 Bremen

Research focus

The research area is concerned with evidence-based public health with a focus on the development, implementation and evaluation of public health interventions and the production and research of reviews in this area. To make evidence-based public health more accessible in German-speaking countries, we are part of Cochrane Public Health Europe.

Another focus is on testing innovative evaluation methods for digital public health interventions in the field of health promotion and prevention (e.g. with regard to risk behaviors and mental health). The members of the research group are associated with the Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health.

Another thematic focus of the research area is student health. Factors that can promote or impair healthy studying on a relationship- or behavior-related level are researched here and these findings are made available for health-promoting universities in Germany.


Focus in teaching

We offer courses in the Bachelor of Health Sciences/Public Health and the Master of Public Health - Health Promotion & Prevention in Department 11. In addition, final theses at Bachelor's and Master's level as well as doctoral dissertations on the focus areas are supervised and reviewed.

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Overview of the members of the Working Group Evidence Based Public Health.