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Prof. Dr Karin Wolf-Ostermann from IPP Bremen in an interview with MEDICA on the topic: How do you bring health professionals and algorithms together?

Expert of the Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP) and Head of Nursing Care Research on the use of AI in nursing - Interview with Joachim Ott, MEDICA

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) can relieve the burden on healthcare workers and improve patient care. AI does not solve all problems, it is only one of the tools that can be used to meaningfully improve care in certain areas and it needs ethical standards. A survey of health professionals in the medical and nursing fields by the 'Platform for Learning Systems' found that employees are open-minded, but demand changes in their daily work. Prof. Karin Wolf-Ostermann from IPP Bremen is co-author of the white paper resulting from the survey. In an interview with, she talks about the prerequisites and possibilities of AI in healthcare. Especially in long-term care, little of new technologies has yet arrived in everyday care. Many studies deal with alarm management, fall detection, pain assessment, documentation and duty scheduling. In nursing, however, the lack of a digital infrastructure and the availability of high-quality data is often still a struggle. Especially the individualisation of AI decisions is dependent on a good data situation. It is also essential that the skills for dealing with AI systems are further developed and that the new technologies can be integrated into existing structures and work processes. A high level of user-friendliness is essential for success in practice.

Karin Wolf-Ostermann
Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann, Expertin der pflegewissenschaftlichen Versorgungsforschung