Project Details

Publikationsprojekt: Special Issue Dietary and Lifestyle-Related Behaviours in Community-Dwelling Older Adults. Special Issue in Nutrients (IF=5.7)

Duration: 01.10.2021 - 31.12.2022
Project Type: own project
Funding: Eigenmittel


This Special Issue focuses on the role of dietary- and lifestyle-related behaviours in community-dwelling older adults. We are interested in this group as they are facing critical life events, such as transitioning to retirement, meaning that they form a promising starting point for behavioural intervention. Moreover, the neighbourhood and the community are the most important settings for the group, shaping their behaviours and routines. Since all health-related behaviours are complex and multifactorial, determinants at all ecological levels contribute to the investigated behaviours at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, environmental, and societal levels. Possible contributions include studies of the distribution and determinants of dietary and lifestyle-related behaviours, its impact on indicators of health and disease, and interventions targeting these behaviours. The Special Issue is expected to paint a rich picture of the situation of community-dwelling older adults and their dietary- and lifestyle-related behaviours.

This project is carried out by the University Bremen Campus GmbH (UBC), s. below