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Better health information for migrants in oncology

People with a migration history often face barrieres when they when seeking trustworthy information about their cancer treatment. To develop improved health information resources for this population, the IPP and the University Medical Centre Halle are working together on the 'DivO-Inform' project.

The “DivO-Inform” project aims to specifically improve the health care conditions for people with a migration history in Germany. Patients with a migration history and their relatives often face barriers ingaining access to relevant and important information and services due to language and cultural barriers. The project focusses on oncological care, which means the care of patients undergoing cancer treatment. Professor Birte Berger-Höger from the Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research at the University of Bremen explains the aim of the DivO-Inform project: “Our focus is on developing and testing a concept for the development and dissemination of diversity-friendly health information that meets the specific needs and preferences of people with a migration history. We see this as an important measure to improve health care, particularly in the area of supportive therapies in oncology, which play an important role in the care of cancer patients.” Supportive therapy includes procedures that aim to reduce the acute and late effects of cancer and its treatment. In addition to drug therapies against side effects, the treatment methods include psychological care, nutritional concepts and exercise programs. The project also aims to develop diversity-friendly health information, available in different languages and formats, to ensure that it is easily accessible and adequately addresses patient needs and preferences. Project leader Professor Anke Steckelberg from Halle University Medicine explains: "Our aim is to improve health care for people with a migration history in oncology by specifically addressing their needs and preferences. By developing diversity-friendly health information, we want to ensure that this population group has access to the information and resources they needs to make informed decisions about their health."
Collaboration with the Charité and migration organizations
The “DivO-Inform” project is carried out in close collaboration with Professor Julia Lühnen from the Charité Berlin and the State Network of Migrant Organizations Saxony-Anhalt (LAMSA e.V.). Mamad Mohamad from LAMSA e.V. emphasizes: “Ensuring comprehensive health care for all population groups is of crucial importance. Through our project we can help ensure that the needs, challenges and preferences of people with a migration history are appropriately taken into account. The provision of health information must be effective and accessible to ensure that language barriers do not limit participation in healthcare." The project runs until June 30, 2025 and is funded by the German Cancer Aid.

(Christina Selzer, press release from the University of Bremen from March 10, 2024)

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Prof. Dr. phil. Birte Berger-Höger
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Institute for Public Health and Nursing Research IPP Faculty 11 Human and Health Sciences University of Bremen
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Prof. Dr. Birte Berger-Höger