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German Startup Monitor

Dear Founders,

The German Startup Association needs your voice! The Covid-19 pandemic has
challenged us tremendously. This year, we want to overcome the crisis and
demonstrate how important startups are in renewing our economy and society. What
we need above all for this: facts and figures! Make yourself, your startup and your
region heard and take part in the survey for the German Startup Monitor (DSM)!

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The general elections will be held in the fall: That is why we need to put the needs of
the startup ecosystem on the political agenda now. The DSM is the central barometer
of the German ecosystem. It underlines the importance of startups and makes their
challenges visible.

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About the DSM: The study comprehensively maps the German startup ecosystem and
has been the central source of information for media and politics since 2013. The DSM
data is also the basis for other important projects – especially on regional
developments, diversity and current trends.

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