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New Publication from Michèle Rieth and Prof. Dr. Vera Hagemann

We are pleased to share our new publication “Automation as an equal team player for humans? - A view into the field and implications for research and practice” in the journal “Applied Ergonomics” (Q1 Journal).

It deals with teamwork between humans and automation, known as "Human-Autonomy Teaming" (HAT), which is becoming increasingly possible as a result of technical advances.

Based on 28 international expert interviews, we analyze the practical reality and feasibility of HAT, taking into account the current possibilities of various industries and science. In addition, from an expert's point of view, the requirements for HAT are identified that are necessary in order to be able to use automation as effectively as possible in the sense of a team player for humans. Those aspects are transferred into a model and the need for further research in the area of ​​HAT is derived. The results show that the concept of the HAT is hardly applied in practice but that the scientifically discussed topics are relevant to practice. Today's technology is far from being able to meet the identified requirements for successful HAT. It is now up to researchers and practitioners to jointly pave the way for a successful HAT, whereby the presented model and the identified research needs can serve as orientation.

The publication is currently freely available here.

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