Philip Kerner and Tobias Wendler present at the international EAERE Conference 2021

From June 23 to June 25, 2021, the international European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) Annual Conference took place as an online event. Philip Kerner and Tobias Wendler presented recent research papers.

This year's conference was organized by TU Berlin and HU Berlin to discuss a wide range of environmental and resource economics topics with an international audience.

Philip Kerner presented a research paper in collaboration with Torben Klarl and Tobias Wendler with the presentation title "The Impact of Green Technologies on Regional Performance: Evidence from European Regions". In this study, they address the regional impact of green technology development on economic productivity in Europe using an empirical approach that takes into account, in particular, knowledge externalities and other non-observable interdependencies between regions. Tobias Wendler presented a research project in collaboration with Philip Kerner and Martin Kalthaus (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) entitled "The Dynamic Relationship Between Institutions and Resource Productivity". The paper addresses the influence of institutional quality on the nexus of economic growth and growth in natural resources use.

Grain moving in the wind, in the background there are wind turbines.