Successful participation in the AOWI conference in Chemnitz

The working group of Business Psychology and Human Resource Management took part in the 12th conference of the division of Work, Organizational, Business, and Engineering Psychology of the German Society for Psychology in Chemnitz from September 22 to 24, 2021.

The conference was organized in a hybrid way, i.e. some of the participants - including Prof. Vera Hagemann, Lena Heinemann and Michèle Rieth - were able to join in-person at the TU Chemnitz, while the other part could join digitally. The working group was represented with a total of five contributions: two from the project “Strong Together, one on the Covid-19 pandemic, one on feedback and teamwork and another one on human-autonomy teaming. Although it was a bit strange to give a presentation in a large auditorium in front of a small in-person audience, the Department of Business Psychology & Human Resource Management looks back on the conference with pleasure and is happy to have met colleagues again after a long time.

Link to the news here.

The picture shows Ms. Hagemann, Ms. Rieth and Ms. Heinemann in front of the AOWI in Chemnitz