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Christopher Jones wins early career research award

Christopher Jones receives an early career research award from the Division of Health Psychology in the German Psychological Society

Christopher Jones (now at the University of Heidelberg) has received the Young Member Research Award from the Health Psychology Department of the German Society for Psychology for his research at the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research in Faculty 11. The prize was awarded for an open access publication on everyday life and protective behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic (Link: In the work, Christopher Jones and his co-authors (including Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schüz, also from the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research at Faculty 11) use data collected from everyday life using smartphones to examine the extent to which individual psychological and situation-specific factors interact and thus compliance of behavioral recommendations. The study ( was funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. One of the central findings is that situation-specific factors such as mask requirements or recommendations are necessary to enable broad adherence - especially when people are only moderately motivated. According to the findings, appeals to personal responsibility alone are not enough.

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