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"We want to present the methods in a way that is as action-oriented as possible and illustrated by practical examples. - Interview with Christian Spatscheck and Karin Wolf-Ostermann, authors of "social space analyses".

Expert of the Institute of Public Health and Nursing Research (IPP) and Head of the Department of Nursing Care Research - Interview of Budrich publishing house on the occasion of the newly published 2nd edition on social space analyses

Independent, responsible and well-founded conceptualisation, imple-mentation and evaluation of social space analyses - an important basis for students and professionals. Budrich Verlag conducted an interview on "Sozialraumanalysen" with the authors Christian Spatscheck and Karin Wolf-Ostermann on the occasion of the newly published 2nd edition. There was and still is a great professional need in the social, health and education sectors to conduct social space analyses in order to promote the social space orientation of services. At the same time, there were relatively few concrete instructions for this task. Since the authors had developed exciting formats for this in their joint teaching activities in Bremen, Berlin and Lund/Sweden, it was obvious to summarise them in a book and present them in an application-oriented way. The profes-sional debate has developed significantly since 2016. In the social sector, new research and further fields of application have been added. In the field of care and health, spatial and community-based approaches have become more widespread. These developments have been taken up and in the process the methods and the sources and references have also been updated, so that the book is now up to date again. For more information, see:

Prof. Dr. Karin Wolf-Ostermann
University of Bremen
Faculty 11 Human and Health Sciences
Institute of Public Health und Nursing Research
Department Healthcare research

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