Jutta Günther on the expert hearing in the Deputation for Economic Affairs and Labor

On January 13, 2021, the Deputation for Economic Affairs and Labor met for a special session "Expert Hearing on Coping with the Economic Consequences of the Corona Crisis in Bremen".

In her opening speech, Jutta Günther presented results from the study "Structural upheaval caused by COVID-19: Implications for innovation policy in the state of Bremen", which she published with Jan Wedemeier and a number of other authors in November 2020, and drew conclusions for shaping economic and innovation policy in Bremen. Afterwards, representatives from the business community in Bremen and Bremerhaven contributed input statements about current practical experiences, new business models, innovations as well as best-practice examples from recent months. The two-hour session was chaired by the chairman of the deputation, Christoph Weiß.

The Weser Kurier reports here

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