Areas of competence

You would like to support your teaching with the help of digital tools and methods, enrich it or make it more efficient? We would be happy to arrange a media-didactic consultation, which is the bracket around all our offers: From teaching/learning organization with the Stud.IP learning platform to the creation of digital media and the accompaniment of face-to-face and online teaching to electronic exams. In the competence areas, you will find details on the services we offer, our scope of services, links to further information and, of course, your contact persons.

Martina Salm in der Beratung eines Lehrenden

Media didactic consulting

Teachers are advised, supported and qualified in the media-didactic design of their face-to-face and online teaching.

Notebook mit dem StudIP-Login

Stud.IP, Blogs and more

We support teachers in organizing their courses with the help of digital media and in providing didactic support.

Filmstudio des ZMML

Media Services

We support teachers in creating digital media for teaching and integrating them into learning environments.

Frau, die mit einem Laptop auf dem Schoß an einen Baum gelehnt auf der grünen Wiese sitzt.

Digital teaching offers

We support teachers in planning, implementation, assessment and maintenance of digital teaching offers.

Studierende im Lernraum

Learning rooms

We provide students with multimedia-equipped learning rooms and virtual work environments for their teamwork.

Eine Studentin schaut konzentriert auf den Prüfungsmonitor


We support teachers in designing computer-based examinations and conducting them in the university's test center.