Digital teaching and learning programmes

Planning, implementation, assessment and maintenance of digital teaching programmes

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Our offer

With a focus on video-based courses, the Digital Teaching and Learning Services competence area is responsible for the planning, implementation and maintenance of central digital teaching programmes at the University of Bremen.

The focus here is on designing the eGeneral Studies programme and coordinating the online courses offered by the Virtual Academy for Sustainability (VAN). In addition to virtualisation (purely online formats) or the digital integration of teaching content (blended learning, inverted classroom), the department is also responsible for the design and implementation of e-assessments for the courses it supervises. The majority of the content is produced as Open Educational Resources (OER) and provided with a Creative Commons licence.

We combine all areas of expertise at ZMML that are necessary for the creation (planning, production, provision) of digital teaching programmes:

  • Media services for video production and online provision,
  • Media didactic consulting for the realisation of integration scenarios and
  • e-assessment for the design of suitable electronic assessment formats.

Feel free to contact us if you are planning projects in the area of digital teaching programmes. We will be happy to advise and support you.

Scope of services

  • Advice and support in planning digital teaching programmes
  • Production and provision of digital teaching programmes
  • Development and implementation of an accompanying e-assessment
  • Provision and maintenance of the video portal
  • Evaluation and quality assurance

Further information

Katharina Lingenau
Dr. Christian Bottke
Dr. Oliver Ahel