Record and stream face-to-face events

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Opencast - Automated recording and streaming in the lecture hall

With the Opencast system, the University of Bremen provides an infrastructure for automated recording and streaming of lectures and other events and their delivery in Stud.IP.

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Lecture recordings are a supplement to traditional face-to-face teaching, whose added value lies primarily in the fact that they create spatial and temporal flexibility for students and teachers. Students gain the opportunity to follow lectures either in the lecture hall or from home. They decide for themselves when and how often to access recorded material. The replayability of recordings helps to reduce language barriers and comprehension problems and to support exam preparation. Teachers can use recorded teaching units to teach the basics without using valuable classroom time (e.g. as a flipped classroom concept), to bridge cancelled sessions or to integrate lecture content from external speakers.

Important note

If lectures are recorded in class or online, you as the lecturer assume responsibility for the information and content published. A number of legal requirements must be observed. In our Overview we present the most important information on data protection law, personal rights and copyright in a compact form and offer you the necessary documents for download. More...

Manual Recording and Streaming of the Classroom Event in Self-Service

Using a laptop, microphone and webcam, the lecture and presentation can be recorded on the screen in every lecture room. Any screencast software such as Opencast-Studio, OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio) or Camtasia can be used for this purpose.

Streaming: If the event is to be broadcast simultaneously with the face-to-face event for online participants, it can also be recorded directly via a parallel ZOOM video conference (Instructions Medienstelle). In this case, please ensure that you have a stable and high-performance internet connection in the room concerned.

If you want to remain mobile during the recording, include the blackboard image and possibly also include students' voice contributions, complex technical requirements must be met (radio microphone, separate camera on a tripod, rod or room microphone) and the scenario must be tested in advance, if possible in the room in question.

Deployment: With the Opencast-Plugin in Stud.IP you can upload lecture recordings and other videos to our OpenCast server and embed them in Stud.IP. If you would like to edit the videos before publishing them, you will find the relevant Tips and Tools in the Digital Tools.