Mandatory admission test

What are mandatory entrance tests as part of the admission procedure for applicants for study places?

An entrance test is conducted at the University of Bremen for the selection of available study place applications. The test takes place on one or more dates at the test center. After all test dates have been completed, the selection committee proposes a ranking for admission based on the evaluation of the entrance test.

  • Selection of suitable students and thus reduction of the dropout rate
  • Improving the chances of admission compared to graduates of universities with higher grade point averages (Master's programs) or improving the chances of admission compared to applicants with higher grade point averages (Bachelor's programs).

Prospective students apply online at the University of Bremen (e.g. at and receive information and an invitation to the entrance test from the selection committee. If required, students can familiarize themselves with the test system and question types via an anonymous and freely accessible online-test. The examination takes place under examination conditions in the test center, the login data usually results from last name and applicant number. The exam result is displayed directly upon submission or, if open-ended questions are also asked, is announced after the assessment has been completed.


  • Consulting and training on organization, examination didactics and technical implementation. Training for the LTS-Editor
  • Support and assumption of partial functions in examination management (schedules, data exchange, process control)
  • Preparation and provision of the test center
  • Technical/organizational support at the beginning and end of each test run

If required and subject to available resources

  • Quality management of the question catalogs with regard to function, layout and design guidelines
  • Provision and administration of the anonymous mock exam
  • Support and information for those interested in studying (websites, support e-mail), coordination with the student secretary's office
  • Programming of questions for the examination system
  • Online quality control of the question catalogs and examination settings
  • Configuration of exam desing and creation of a welcome message
  • Provision of the list of participants as an Excel table (applicant number, last name, first name)
  • Supervision in the test center
  • If necessary, scoring of open questions
  • Export of reports regarding results and statistical data