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Our offer

Provision of e-learning tools for the organisation, enrichment and digitalisation of classroom teaching

The offer is aimed at all members of the University of Bremen, but especially teachers and students. The Stud.IP learning platform (info, login)  and UBlogs (info, login) are two comprehensive systems that can be used in a variety of ways to solve organisational challenges and achieve didactic goals in teaching.

We have switched to the new Stud.IP version 5. In this short presentation we will give you a brief overview of the exciting things you will find there for the organisational and didactic design of your teaching. However, a lot has changed since then (the OER Campus has not yet been activated, courseware is still a little bit clunky) and we have created an overview page with the most important new features for you: What's new in Stud.IP.

Logo der Stud.IP-Tagung 2023. Zu sehen sind verschieden große, farbige Würfel in isometrischer Darstellung.


General information about Stud.IP

Buchstaben B L O G aus Scrabble-Spielsteinen


General information about UBlogs



Informations about the audience response system ARSnova


Further references and informations

Martina Salm

Martina Salm (coordination, consultance)

[Translate to English:] Portraitfoto Jan Kulmann

Jan Kulmann (software development)

[Translate to English:] Portraitfoto Oliver Oster

Oliver Oster (system management)